About Us
E MicroForest Research began operations in April 2001 for nurturing a better urban green landscape.
E We offer solutions to clients who endeavor to improve urban green properties through marketing, education, and research.
We focus on plant science-driven managements with minimized environmental loads instead of engineering-driven managements.

About the Founders
President, Chief Executive Officer

Kanji Ito
He worked as a business development professional for 34 years until 2001. He was responsible for the plant protection markets in the Far East during his service period at Dow AgroSciences, DowElanco, Eli Lilly, and Shionogi Pharmaceuticals. He was involved with agriculture, horticulture, and arboriculture management as well as the management of grasslands, turfs, and non-crop lands. He earned a PhD in Agriculture from Kyoto University.

Executive Vice President
Misako Ito
She was a professor at the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University, for 31 years until her retirement in 2005. She was an academic advisor managing 53 students, has published more than 95 scientific papers, and has written a weed science text book. She also served as the president, editor-in-chief, etc., of the Weed Science Society of Japan and is currently a member of the National Academy of Science. She earned a PhD in Agriculture from Kyoto University.
Our Business
Biology- and Agronomy-driven Solutions
Our business that offers biology- and agronomy-driven solutions is committed to providing improved concepts for developing products, technologies, and management programs to clients associated with businesses related to landscape and green-property management. The core areas of our biology- and agronomy- driven solutions are as follows.
*Urban green design tools for landscape technologists and constructors: low-impact sustainable development and planning
- Bioretention and circulation
- Green parking lots
- Soil amendment
*Urban green care tools for professional landscapers and product distributors: low-input development and planning
Weed management
- Soil management
- Turf, ornamental plant, and tree management
*Urban green asset management tools for policy/decision makers: environmental value development and planning
- Evaluation of green properties and finances for environment management.
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